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Vocational Courses

Career-focused vocational courses providing practical skills and training for immediate entry into various industries.

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An Australian Vocational Study and Training (VET) qualification can help you get where you want to go, whether you want to jump right into the workforce or start your tertiary education. The VET sector in Australia is based on a collaboration between government and industry.


Government institutions, known as Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions, as well as private institutions, offer VET qualifications.

Study with the experts.

Nothing beats learning from someone who shares your passions – and who has already been there and done it to the best of their ability. VET teaching professionals in Australia are not only industry-aware, but also have practical experience in their fields of speciality, keeping their knowledge current and adapting their courses to suit changing industry priorities and demands. As a result, you learn both the theory and the actuality of the subjects you're studying.

As well as on-the-job training.

Many of our VET courses include a time of on-site learning, so you don't simply learn in a classroom but also gain invaluable industrial experience in a real-world setting. Real-world industrial experience ensures that your credentials are completely prepared for employment in your chosen field.

Our assurance of quality

The quality of your education is assured in Australia. In fact, the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 protects the well-being of all international students, the quality of their educational experience, and the provision of up-to-date and correct information.

Furthermore, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), a national VET regulator, ensures the quality of our education for over 1.2 million students, including 230,000 international students enrolled in vocational education and training. 

Qualifications in vocational education and training (VET)

VET certifications are outcome-oriented and emphasise the acquisition of occupational skills and competencies. Prior learning or present competency in the industry is recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). This facilitates credit transfer and provides students with a variety of learning options. There are four levels of certificates (Certificate I, II, III, and IV), as well as Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses, to choose from.

Your VET education will enhance your skills in a specialised field while also providing you with the necessary practical experience for the industry. It will teach you how to plan, design, and execute the practical and technical components of your subject in a real-world setting.

The credentials and potential job outcomes of Australian VET programmes are listed below:


Certificate I

Duration - 4 to 6 months

Career outcome - Competent operator


Certificate II

Duration - About 1 year

Career outcome - Advanced operator


Certificate III

Duration - About 1 year

Career outcome - Qualified tradesperson or technician


Certificate IV

Duration - 12 to 18 months

Career outcome - Supervisor



Duration - 18 to 24 months

Career outcome - Para-professional


Advanced Diploma

Duration - 24 to 36 months

Career outcome - Junior manager

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