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Support Services

Australian educational institutions provide a variety of support services to help you have a pleasant and stress-free study experience.


For overseas students, Australia provides a variety of services. Education providers and student unions, as well as municipal, state, territorial, and federal governments, offer services.

Education providers

For overseas students, Australian education institutions take pleasure in providing a welcome, pleasant, and encouraging environment. A variety of professional services are available to assist you in adjusting to life and studies in Australia.


These can include services such as:


  • language and academic support

  • designated international student advisers

  • on-arrival reception and orientation programs

  • childcare support

  • mental health, wellbeing and counselling

  • student accommodation

  • employment services

  • prayer and worship rooms

  • banking, shopping and food outlets

  • clubs, societies, and sport and fitness facilities.


Many Australian educational institutions resemble small towns. You can join a club or organization, go to the gym to improve your health and fitness, join a sports team, go to a social event, or volunteer in the community. Check your institution's website for information on all of the events and services it provides.


Student associations

The Council of International Students Australia (CISA) is the national body for international students studying at the undergraduate, postgraduate, private college, TAFE, English language intensive courses for overseas students (ELICOS), and foundation courses in Australia. The Australian Federation of International Students (AFIS) is the national body for international students studying at the undergraduate, postgraduate, private college, TAFE, and foundation courses in Australia. This organization assists students in making the most of their time in Australia, both living and learning.

Other services for students


Support for people with disabilities

Students with disabilities face challenges in education, including denial of admission, imposition of irrelevant standards such as higher fees, and restricted access to facilities and activities. Despite these obstacles, many institutions offer supportive services like voice-recognition software, hearing aids, and note-taking assistance. Students requiring accommodations should contact their institution in advance to arrange necessary support.


Institutions are expected to make considerable efforts to accommodate disabled students, but they are not obliged to make changes that pose undue hardship or costs. Disputes should first be addressed internally with institution staff. If unresolved, students can file a formal complaint or contact the Australian Human Rights Commission for further action, though formal complaints must be submitted in writing to be considered.



Childcare facilities with qualified workers are common in Australian universities. Around Australia, there are both for-profit and non-profit childcare centres.


The Australian government offers financial aid to parents who are unable to pay for daycare. The childcare benefit may be available to international students who receive financial aid through a government scholarship.


The Australian government offers financial aid to parents who need help paying for childcare. International students who are awarded a government scholarship may be eligible for the childcare benefit. Find out whether you qualify for childcare help.

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