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Cellular phones

When you arrive in Australia, it is important to obtain a SIM card or an Australian mobile number, as using your home phone number would result in exorbitant expenses. You can pick between two types of mobile phone accounts:



You have control over how much you spend with a prepaid subscription, and you may cancel at any moment. Prepaid SIM cards are available from a variety of retailers and supermarkets, as well as through mobile phone companies.

You'll have a functioning Australian mobile number that you may top up with credit as needed after a simple set-up process with the operator. Prepaid services are frequently top-upable online or at a variety of retail locations. You can find out how to top up your phone service from your mobile phone carrier.



If you plan on using your phone frequently and will be in Australia for a certain amount of time to study, a contract may be a better option.

There are multiple mobile phone providers in Australia, and you may pick from a variety of phone plans in which you may receive the device for little (if any) money up front and then pay a monthly fixed fee for a specified number of calls, text messages, and data.



In Australia, several internet providers are also mobile or fixed phone carriers, and they provide pre-paid or contract internet services comparable to the ones mentioned above. If you choose with a contract plan, you'll get a modem and pay a monthly fee for a set amount of data. Inquire about the plans offered by the suppliers you're considering.


International phone calls

Dial 0011 followed by the country code, the area code (if necessary), and the phone number to make an international call from Australia. To call Australia from another country, dial 61, then the area code and phone number. To make a call from one place in Australia to another, dial the area code (if necessary) followed by the phone number. 


You can read more about telephone, internet and mobile phone services in Australia at:

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