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  • 55,000 overseas students are enrolled.

  • 6 colleges and universities

  • Perth and Fremantle are two city centres.

  • Landscapes that are both spectacular and diverse

  • More than a hundred educational institutions

  • Engineering capital and STEM hub

The thriving, cosmopolitan city of Perth, which has been shaped by massive recent economic growth, offers an outstanding international student experience where you can enjoy the best of both worlds: countless opportunities for work and play in the thriving, cosmopolitan city of Perth, which has been shaped by massive recent economic growth, alongside some of Australia's most distinctive and awe-inspiring natural landscapes.


Perth has a distinct personality that sets it apart from other cities on the east coast. It's also globally orientated, having excellent access to worldwide business, industrial, and research centres, despite its relative distance from other large cities.

Image by Alex Williams

Population over 2 million

Perth is known for its sunny weather, fresh produce, a laid-back outdoor culture, and a diverse range of fascinating things to see and do. Azure seas, porcelain white sand beaches, a gorgeous wine area, fast rising entertainment hubs, maritime heritage, and one of the world's most magnificently unspoilt coasts. The nicest part is that it's all within walking distance of the city centre.

Business-savvy and well-versed in research

Western Australia's education system is varied, including a combination of public and private educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities.


Six prominent universities, as well as high-quality vocational education institutes and schools, are located in the Greater Perth region. It is a world-class centre for science, technology, economics, and mathematics.


Beautiful landscapes and modern cityscapes

Perth is known for its friendly people and laid-back culture, and it provides a genuine Australian lifestyle.


You'll find a clean, contemporary city with an expanding food, arts, and music scene. It is often less expensive than other Australian cities in many ways, making it perfect for budget-conscious students.


A trip to Perth would not be complete without taking in the vast natural beauty of Western Australia's vast desert, breathtaking coastal scenery, and white sand beaches. 

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