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Victoria, as Australia's most advanced and fastest-growing state, places a high importance on education and is well on its way to realising its aim of being the country's "Education State." Every year, about 227,000 foreign students flock to Victoria because of its dynamic multicultural environment, excellent quality of life, and social inclusion. Melbourne, the country's capital, is regarded as the greatest student city.

There are 227,000 international students in the country.


The finest student city in Australia


The world's third finest student city


There are ten universities, twelve TAFEs, and over 250 private providers.


There are around 2,200 schools in the state (government and non-government)

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Population over 5 million

Explore the city's historic arcades and laneways, which are lined with fine dining restaurants, trendy cafes, hidden pubs, and designer boutiques, or visit one of the city's many verdant gardens. Discover Melbourne's passion for football, cricket, soccer, and just about any other sport.

The arts, music, and fashion are all represented in this culturally varied creative hotspot.

It's simple to understand why Melbourne is routinely rated as one of the world's most liveable cities. Stability, healthcare, culture, the environment, education, and infrastructure are all among the best in the world. Melbourne, known as Australia's cultural centre, has something for everyone, whether it's great fauna, fantastic street art, or a diverse spectrum of architectural styles.


Melbourne is Australia's number one student city and the world's third greatest student city, so it's no surprise that it boasts Australia's largest student population. Melbourne is a real university city, with 227,000 foreign students from over 170 countries, accounting for one-third of the student population.


International students in Melbourne have access to an exciting and inclusive inner-city lifestyle as well as world-class educational opportunities.

A powerhouse for learning

While foreign students are drawn to Victoria because of its high level of life, the quality and diversity of its educational institutions, from elementary schools to higher institutions, are also strong draws.


Students are drawn to these institutions because they desire a good education, specialised English language lessons, and friendly homestays. You have a lot of options when it comes to universities.

Victoria's universities provide world-class education and facilities, and its graduates are leaders in sectors like as STEM, arts and humanities, architecture and design, fine art and fashion, and music and cinema in Australia. 

The University of Melbourne, the country's top-ranked university, is located in Melbourne. Victoria, as a significant cultural and commercial centre in the southern hemisphere, provides a wide range of job placement options for you to take advantage of throughout your studies.


The capital of cool

Melbourne has a reputation for being Australia's coolest city. From the Melbourne Comedy Festival to Melbourne Fashion Week, the city is a major cultural hub with a crowded calendar of globally known festivals and events. 

Melbourne's dynamic music culture sets it apart from all other cities in Australia – and the world: it is stated that Melbourne has more live music venues per capita than any other city. Melbourne's nightlife is exciting and accessible, with European-style al fresco eating, rooftop pubs, and late-night events.

Leading worldwide and Australian fashion companies and restaurants line the streets of the CBD, providing a fashionable shopping and dining experience.


Melbourne also has a thriving cultural culture and a vibrant theatre sector that attracts globally recognised exhibitions and performances.

The gold rush may have ended, but there is still much to discover in regional Victoria.

Victoria offers a diverse range of locations, attractions, and educational opportunities. Regional settlements such as Daylesford and Castlemaine, which drew an international gold rush in the mid-1800s, are lovely towns with rich histories and exquisite Victorian-style architecture.

Castlemaine is a charming town with a rich history and stunning Victorian-style buildings.


Institutions in bigger regional cities provide globally recognised qualifications as well as a more relaxed and cost-effective student experience. Cities like as Geelong, Ballarat, and Bendigo provide the best of both worlds: you may study outside of Melbourne while still having easy access to public transportation in the city. 


Explore magnificent coasts, snow-capped mountains, lush fern valleys, ancient hamlets, and huge windswept plains in rural Victoria.


Students who choose to study in Victoria will be living in a warm, safe, and dynamic state with world-class educational opportunities and a diverse choice of activities. Study Melbourne also offers foreign students advice and information to assist them have the best experience possible while studying and living in Victoria.

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