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As an international student in Australia, here's everything you need to know about obtaining part-time work.


While studying in Australia, many overseas students seek part-time jobs.


The extra spending money will help you discover Australia and meet other students and locals. It's also a fantastic opportunity to practise English, gain confidence, and meet new people.


The following are some of the greatest places to seek for part-time work:


Ask your friends or coworkers for recommendations.


Make personal or professional connections and networks.


Job posting sites on the internet


At your institution or institution, there are dedicated websites and job posting boards.


Companies that specialise on hiring professionals


Alumni organisations at your university


The Student Starter Kit for Developing Employability can assist you in taking charge of your employability development.


International students are entitled to the same job rights as any Australian workers, including a safe and fair working environment. Before you go, here's what you should know about working in Australia (PDF 447.6KB).

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