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Border Patrol and Customs

You must be aware of what you are not permitted to bring into Australia and, as a result, what you should not bring. Drugs including marijuana, cannabis, heroin, cocaine, and amphetamines are unlawful to transport (or use) in and out of Australia.

Upon your arrival in Australia, you must disclose a number of things, including:

All food, plant material, and animal products are prohibited.
Firearms, weapons, and ammunition are all prohibited.
$10,000 in Australian dollars (or foreign equivalent).
Some pharmaceuticals.


You should also be aware that Australian Border Force officials may interrogate travellers at any time as part of their normal duties, and trained dogs may be employed to identify illicit substances or forbidden goods. If you're unsure, declare your items or seek guidance from an Australian Border Force officer.

Declaring items does not guarantee that your luggage will be inspected.
People who break the Biosecurity Act 2015 on purpose risk being fined or prosecuted.
In immigration clearance, some visiting, student, and work visas may be revoked if a person:


intentionally supplied false or misleading biosecurity information on incoming passenger cards; knowingly gave false or misleading documents to a biosecurity officer; failed to respond to a biosecurity officer's enquiries concerning products or submit written information about goods requested by a biosecurity officer; or
failed to follow a biosecurity officer's instructions regarding the transfer of commodities


More information on customs and border protection procedures may be found on the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment's website.


Department of Agriculture

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment is in charge of regulating imported items such as food, plant material, and animal goods in order to preserve Australia's unique environment and agricultural sectors from undesired pests and illnesses.


When packing your personal belongings, be sure to check Australia's biosecurity rules. Fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, chicken, pork, eggs, dairy goods, live plants, and seeds are not permitted. Some items are prohibited from entering the nation, while others must fulfil stringent import requirements. To obtain the import conditions under which specific commodities may be imported into Australia, visit the department's database at Biosecurity Import Conditions System (BICON).


You may be fined if you neglect to declare or give a false declaration. An infringement notice of up to A$2,664 may be issued, for example.

Your visa may be revoked, and you may be denied entrance into Australia and detained in immigration detention until deportation from the country.

Declare any items you are doubtful about, or don't bring them at all.


The Department of Agriculture website has further information on what you can bring or send to Australia.

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