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Course Credit

 Prior learning credits will help you build on what you've already learned in class

You may apply to use course credits you've already received to further your education in Australia.

RPL, also known as credit transfer, is the process of recognising prior informal and formal schooling, job experience, professional advancement, professional licencing and exams, and other work-based education and training. 

At the institution's discretion, credit transfer is possible in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Previous technical education and training (VET) research can also be given credit. Australia has a scheme in place to recognise foreign credentials. The Australian government's National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR) assists Australian institutions in recognising foreign qualifications, enabling you to have your previous studies recognised.

The difference between credits and exemptions is briefly discussed below.


To complete a course, you must complete a certain number of units or subjects.

If you have previous work or study experience, your new provider can give you credit against your total so you don't have to repeat classes.



You're also excused from attending a unit or subject if you have an exception.

You can need to take another unit or subject to gain credits and add to your total qualification if you receive an exemption rather than a credit. 


How do you get a course credit or exemption?

The criteria and method differ by organisation and course, but in general, specifics of your work experience can be anything that proves your experience, ranging from a job reference to published work. An academic transcript or certification documents from your previous educational institution, as well as a summary of the programme you covered, are normally needed.

If you've agreed on a course and college, get in touch with one of their course specialists or admissions staff to discuss your plans. They will be able to advise you on the best educational course for you, one that provides for credits or exemptions while still meeting your objectives.

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