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A place where talent is nurtured, innovation is fostered, and worldwide careers are launched. When you begin your studies in Queensland, you are free to go wherever you choose. Leading educational institutions are located in a variety of distinctive and different locales across the world.

Image by Brisbane Local Marketing

Population over 2.6 million

Brisbane, Australia's new world city, is based on a solid infrastructure basis. A world-class international airport, a booming international port, a modern road and rail network, a fully integrated public transportation and ticketing system, dynamic entertainment and sporting venues, and an unparalleled range of lodging alternatives are among the assets. Wear a hat and bring a bottle of sunscreen with you featuring 12 months of sunshine and beautiful blue skies.

You may select from a variety of unique places and experiences, many of which are only offered in Queensland, thanks to the state's more than 280 schools and education providers. You can live and study in huge, metropolitan cities, big regional towns near Australia's world-renowned natural wonders, or regional communities where you can get a taste of true Australian country life. 


Queensland is inexpensive, with two of its cities being in Australia's top five most cheap student cities. With average rental rates 40% cheaper than Sydney, the Gold Coast is Australia's most inexpensive student city. Brisbane is the 4th most cheap student city in Australia, with Queensland students obtaining a 50% discount on public transportation throughout the state.


Supporting students

The Brisbane Rainbow Hub is a designated meeting and social venue for LGBTQI students and their friends. The Rainbow Hub encourages students to embrace their identities and get involved in their communities.


An amazing way of life

Brisbane is one of the top 20 student cities in the world. It has three major institutions and almost 100,000 students who live in a cosmopolitan environment. The city is alive with innovation, with a bustling arts and music scene and amazing late-night options. 


The Sunshine Coast, which includes Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Greater Whitsunday, and Rockhampton, is located north of Brisbane and is connected by the Great Barrier Reef, which stretches 2,300 kilometres down the coast. These areas are home to thriving student populations that benefit from great educational options as well as a fantastic Australian lifestyle.

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