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Kids in Preschool

Bringing your children

If you want to bring your school-aged children to Australia to study, you'll need to make arrangements for them to go to school.


Enrollment requirements and school fees differ between states and territories in Australia, as well as between schools. The pricing structures for public schools in each of Australia's states and territories are summarised here, along with links to the relevant websites for further information.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Children of overseas students studying in Canberra for a Higher Degree by Research (Masters and Doctoral) are entitled to have their tuition waived in ACT Government schools as of 1 January 2016, and holders of certain other temporary visas are also eligible to apply for a tuition waiver for school aged dependants. For more information on school fees, including eligibility and application criteria, see the ACT Government Education and Training Directorate website.

New South Wales (NSW)

Schools fees apply to most dependants of temporary residents in New South Wales. There are some exceptions, for further information visit the NSW Department of Education International Students website.


Northern Territory (NT)

Higher education and vocational education and training students' dependents are considered as foreign students and must pay full costs. The sole exclusions, as accepted by Charles Darwin University, are dependents of Australian Aid students and select PhD home country scholarship students. The website of the Northern Territory Department of Education has further information.


Queensland (QLD)

Fee waivers are available from the Department of Education, Training and Employment for qualifying dependant students of temporary visa holders whose parents are enrolled in Queensland tertiary institutions. This policy, which may be found on the Education Queensland International website, lays out the criteria for determining whether dependants of temporary visa holders are eligible for fee waivers.


South Australia (SA)

Dependents of overseas tertiary students enrolled in an award programme at a South Australian university or tertiary institution can attend a government school in the state. On the South Australian Government Schools website, you may find further information.

Fee waivers are available from the South Australian government for dependents of Higher Degree by Research students enrolled at South Australian universities who fulfil certain conditions. On the SA Government International Students website, you may find further information on the Children of Endorsed Scholarship Holders page.


Victoria (VIC)


All Victorian Government schools have the same tuition prices. Discounts are available for pupils whose parents are enrolled at a Victorian tertiary institution. More information is available at the Victorian Government Schools website.


Tasmania (TAS)

To attend a Tasmanian Government School, the majority of dependant children must pay tuition fees. Please visit the Tasmanian Government Department of Education's website for further information.



Western Australia (WA)

International higher degree students' children can attend government schools in Western Australia and get subsidised education. Children who are eligible can attend government schools for the same fees as local students. 


Visit the WA Education and Training International webpage for additional information about government schooling for children of international higher degree students.

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