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Immigration and Customs

Upon landing, proceed to immigration and customs. For help, ask airline staff or border officers. Your documents and visa will be checked. After clearance, collect your luggage for customs and quarantine. More details are on the Department of Home Affairs website.


Getting to Your New Home

Book your accommodation before arriving. Have your address in English for public transport, or directions for a cab. If your institution provides airport pickup, they will take you directly to your destination.


Welcome Services

  • Sydney, New South Wales: International Student Welcome Desk

  • Perth, Western Australia: Airport Welcome Desk

  • Melbourne: Airport Welcome Service


Orientation Week

Universities offer an orientation week (O Week) at the academic year's start, introducing you to the campus and fellow students. Check your institution's website for details. Attendance is key for a successful start.



For any post-arrival issues or queries, contact your institution's international assistance team, as detailed in your enrollment and orientation materials.

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