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You must first clear immigration and customs upon arriving at an Australian airport. Ask the airline employees or one of the border officers in the arrivals area for directions if you need assistance. Your travel document and visa will be checked by a clearing officer, and once cleared, you will be free to collect your bags and proceed to customs and quarantine. 


The Department of Home Affairs website has more details on what to expect when you arrive at the airport.


Arriving to your new residence


Even if it's only for a few days, you should book accommodation before you arrive in Australia. If you're taking public transportation, have your lodging address printed in English ready to show the taxi or hire vehicle, or clear directions if you're taking a cab. If you're being picked up from the airport by your institution, they'll transport you exactly where you need to go.

International student welcome desk (Sydney, New South Wales)

Airport welcome desk (Perth, Western Australia)

Melbourne airport welcome


Week of Orientation

For incoming students, several universities hold an orientation week (commonly known as "O Week"). This is usually held during the week at the beginning of the year; you will learn about your school, take tours of the facilities, and meet individuals who will be studying there as well. More details regarding your institution's orientation week, including a full calendar of activities, are generally available on their website.


It is critical that you attend your school's 'O Week' to learn how to make the most out of your school and study experience.


Looking for assistance

Remember to contact your institution's foreign assistance team if you have any difficulties or inquiries after you leave the airport. These specifics will be included in your enrolling and orientation materials.

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