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A place where talent is nurtured, innovation is fostered, and worldwide careers are launched. When you begin your studies in Queensland, you are free to go wherever you choose. Leading educational institutions are located in a variety of distinctive and different locales across the world.

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Population over 1.3 million

Adelaide is the cosmopolitan seaside capital of South Australia. The Art Gallery of South Australia, which houses extensive collections including notable Indigenous art, and the South Australian Museum, which is dedicated to natural history, are both located within its ring of parkland on the River Torrens. Adelaide Festival is an annual international arts festival in the city, including fringe and film events as well.

South Australia stands out in sectors like Health and Medical, Tourism, Energy and Minerals, Defence and Space, Information Technology, Food and Agribusiness, and Creative Industries. It's celebrated for its world-class wine industry and vibrant arts scene, attracting global attention. Adelaide, home to the Australian Space Agency, boasts a dynamic start-up scene with global investments and presence of major companies like Microsoft and BAE Systems, offering students ample internship and part-time job opportunities. Adelaide's educational institutions are renowned for producing sought-after graduates with unique skills and perspectives, enhancing their employability.

any firm.


A career advantage

International students will find Adelaide an ideal destination for studying and starting their careers. Graduates with a Higher Education diploma from Adelaide can receive an additional year of post-study work privileges, aiding foreign students in advancing their careers in Adelaide.


A city with a welcoming people and a student-friendly environment.


Adelaide consistently ranks among the top ten most livable cities in the world, offering an abundance of activities and sights at a lower cost. As the capital with a population of 1.3 million, Adelaide is a medium-sized city known for its cool vibe, appealing architecture, and well-planned streets that pave the way for a lively culinary, arts, and entertainment scene. Moreover, being up to 16% less expensive than other major Australian cities, Adelaide allows residents and visitors alike to have more funds available to enjoy their stay, blending affordability with a high quality of life.

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