The Newbie’s Guide to Studying in Sydney Part 1

All your bags are packed, you’re ready to go. Passport? Check. CoE? Check. A tearful goodbye with family and friends? Done. Finally, after going through a long and sometimes frustrating process of applying for your student visa, your papers have finally been approved! You can’t help but feel both scared and excited at the new life that awaits you as an international student in Sydney.

Well, we’re here to tell you that there’s no need to worry. Being anxious is part of the process but there is no reason to feel scared. Just keep in mind these simple reminders before leaving your home country and you’ll be all set for your adventure of the lifetime.

Homestay or living with friends or relatives?

Before you leave for abroad, make sure you’ve already set up an accommodation for yourself. Many international students temporarily live with relatives or friends until they can save enough for a place of their own. If, however, you don’t know a single soul yet in this great big city, there are still a lot of budget friendly homestays or shared flats you can look into. Most universities help out new students looking for a place to stay. Check out the website of your educational provider or seek help from school administrators if you need assistance. You can also check out for accommodation options near your place.

Money matters

Sydney is one of the safest and most livable places in the world. However, it’s still best to be on guard at all times especially when it comes to your belongings. Being new means you have to look out for yourself and this includes handling your finances properly. Fortunately, there are many banks around that can help you open a savings account. Search for local banks like,,, or, among others to help you decide which one of them fits your banking needs the most.

Think of this stage in your life as an exciting adventure. All you need to do is be organized and wise with your arrangements and you’ll be all set.



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