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Once you've decided where you'll study, you may start looking for housing that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Once you've got confirmation of where you'll be studying, start looking for housing that meets your needs and fits your budget. Student housing is frequently in great demand and needs advance preparation. When looking for a place to stay, keep the following in mind:

The cost may vary based on the state, city, and kind of lodging you select.


Always double-check the overall amount, as well as any other costs you may be asked to pay, such as a bond or utility costs, and make sure they're included in your rental agreement.

Consider the distance between your home and your university, as well as if public transportation, such as the bus or train, is reasonably accessible.


Find out what shopping centres, hospitals and emergency service facilities, and other amenities are nearby.

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Although Australia is a relatively secure location to live and study, it is nevertheless vital to be aware of the hazards.



In Australia, emergency services are widely available and well-equipped to assist you learn more about our fire, ambulance, and police services.

Although Australia is a welcoming and secure place to live and study, there are actions you can take to insure your safety.

No matter where you reside, home security is essential. Here are some safety suggestions for you and your house.

Although Australia is known for its pleasant temperature and lovely beaches, it is important to use caution when outside or in the water. 

In Australia, whether you live in the city or the country, fire awareness is critical. Follow these helpful hints to make sure you're ready.


It's time to start planning when you've been approved to study in Australia and have received confirmation of your student visa.



From airport procedures to university orientation, the following information will help you make the most of your time in Australia.

To help you manage, access, and move your money, Australia offers a variety of banking choices. Learn more about the system and choose the best option for your specific requirements.

There are several phone and internet services accessible in Australia, including fixed (landline) phones, mobile phones, and the internet.

Although Australia is known for its pleasant temperature and lovely beaches, it is important to use caution when outside or in the water. 

Travelers who fail to disclose high-risk biosecurity products before they arrive in Australia face harsh fines under Australian biosecurity rules.

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There are conditions that must be met after you acquire your visa in order for it to stay valid.


You must complete several conditions after receiving your visa in order for it to stay valid, including:


You must continue enrolled in the course and maintain excellent attendance and progress.


You may need to apply for a new student visa if you want to modify your qualification level.


Provide your institution with your Australian address so that they may reach you, and notify them if your address changes.


While you're in Australia, you must be able to financially support yourself.


Don't go outside the terms of your visa's job restrictions.


All information on visa requirements, obligations, and compliance may be found on the Department of Home Affairs' website.


The international student support team at your university can help you obtain the visa you'll need for your study.


Agents for education can also assist you with your student visa application and paperwork (as well as your course application).


It's worth noting that education agents can't give migration advice unless they're also a registered migration agent.

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Knowing how much it costs to live and study in Australia is crucial to your application and financial planning.


While Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is required, private health, travel, house and possessions, and auto insurance are also available in Australia.


You must obtain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) as an international student in Australia for the length of your studies in Australia. There are, however, various forms of insurance that you may find beneficial.

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Australian educational institutions provide a variety of support services to help you have a pleasant and stress-free study experience.


For overseas students, Australia provides a variety of services. Education providers and student unions, as well as municipal, state, territorial, and federal governments, offer services.




As an international student in Australia, here's everything you need to know about obtaining part-time work.

As an international student working in Australia, you are entitled to the same employment safeguards as any other Australian.

Australia has a robust legal and regulatory framework that protects the rights of all employees, including part-time overseas students.

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) is a government organisation that is completely autonomous. It clarifies the rights and duties of employers and workers under Australian workplace regulations.

Australia is an excellent country in which to study and work. However, you may occasionally discover something at work that isn't quite right. It might be a warning that your employment rights are in jeopardy.

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