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 Legal Rights and Protection

Australia has laws and services in place to insure that you receive a high-quality education and that you are treated fairly when purchasing goods and services.

Student Safety and Support in Australia

Australia ensures the safety and legal protection of international students. All higher education providers must be registered and undergo regular quality assurance audits to maintain accreditation for their courses and programs.


The CRICOS register validates all courses for international students, ensuring consistent quality standards across Australian educational institutions.

Ombudsman Services

The Ombudsman for Overseas Students addresses complaints about private education and training providers. This service is free, impartial, and independent. Public university, school, or TAFE students can approach the Ombudsman in their respective state or territory for grievances:

  • Australian Capital Territory Ombudsman

  • New South Wales Ombudsman

  • Northern Territory Ombudsman

  • Queensland Ombudsman

  • Office of the Training Advocate

  • Tasmanian Ombudsman

  • Victorian Ombudsman

  • Western Australian Ombudsman

Consumer Protection

International students are covered by Australian Consumer Law, which safeguards your rights when buying goods and services. For issues with products or services, or to understand business legal obligations, contact the consumer agency in your state or territory via

Tuition Protection Service (TPS)

The TPS assists students if their education provider cannot deliver the promised course. It helps students either to continue their education in an alternative course or institution or to receive a refund for undelivered tuition. For more information, students should visit the TPS website.

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Bringing your children

If you want to bring your school-aged children to Australia to study, you'll need to make arrangements for them to go to school.

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